First and foremost, let me state that BUYING FAKE YOUTUBE PLAYS DOES NOT WORK. Any blog or guru telling you to buy fake engagement from such-and-such company is lying to you.

Think about it – YouTube’s algorithms are some of the most advanced in the world. They are owned by Google, after all. Do you really think these shady companies can outsmart them and ‘game’ their system?

Even on the slim chance that you do see results, you run the risk of getting your account banned, shadowbanned or blacklisted. Now ask yourself, is it really worth it?


Short of getting a ‘viral’ video or being one of the lucky chosen few who get into YouTube’s “suggested” algorithm, the most consistent way to earn legitimate views on YouTube videos is by setting up your tags and keywords correctly. Services like VidIQ are designed to help you choose the best keywords for your niche, taking into account search volume and competition.


One thing that is true for all social media companies is that they seem to favor users who use their platforms the most. The artist who is an active member of the YouTube community and leaves thoughtful comments under views stands a much better chance of doing well on YouTube than the artist who just uploads their song and logs out.

If YouTube has a function, use it! Some things may seem tedious (Cards, for example) but it’s safe to assume that it’s there for a reason and YouTube would favor those who utilize these features rather than ignore them.