Trip Squad Records is a collective of 5 music producers from all over the world. We work with artists spanning all types of genres – rap, hip-hop, rock, country, electronic music and more.

Becoming an artist in today’s climate is no easy task, but don’t let the cynics fool you – IT CAN STILL BE DONE. New artists are blowing up on Soundcloud and YouTube every day. The question is – do you want to put in the work? Can you persevere through the tough times, when your engagement is low and fans aren’t immediately flocking to your music? This is where most artists quit – they don’t have the tenacity to push through the tough times.

We’re built different – we only think outside the box. Don’t try to pigeon-hole us or paint us with a broad brush. Our goal is to change the music industry in ways not thought possible, develop artists, blend genres, and break down all norms and traditional barriers in the music industry.

If you’re an artist with TALENT and you’re looking for a team of young, vicious producers ready to take the industry by storm, connect with the TRIP SQUAD today and let’s start making history!!!